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Rose Essential Oil, Organic


Plant Info

Plant Name (Latin) Rosa x damascena
Plant Name (English) Damask Rose
Family Rosaceae
Wikipedia Info
Rosa x damascena
Origin Romania

Product Info

Extraction Method Hydrodistillation of rose flowers
CAS Number 8007-01-0
INCI Name Rosa damascena flower oil
Main Components
citronellol, geraniol, n-nonadecane, nerol
Shelf Life Up to 5 years
Scent Fresh, floral, rose
Neurotonic, calming, aphrodisiac. Skin action: revitalising, regenerative and healing, firming. Anti-infectious.
Indications bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, sexual asthenia, frigidity, impotence, dermatitis, wounds, sprains, strains, wrinkles, rosacea.
Perfumery, skincare, aromatherapy, food preparations

Technical Documents

  • MSDS
  • COA (batch dependent)
  • Allergen Declaration (batch dependent)

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