Wild Carpathia Organics

About Us

We are a processing unit based in west Romania, where we produce essential oils, hydrosols (floral waters), cold pressed oils (carrier oils), herb/fruit powders and cosmetic ingredients/products.

Our raw materials are either hand-picked from remote areas of the Wild Carpathia or harvested from our farmers' organically grown crops.
We transport them fresh into our processing unit where, by carefully following strict production rules, we are proud to obtain high quality essential oils, floral waters, cold pressed oils and herb & fruit powders.

We consolidate a broad network of wildlife flora hand-pickers and micro farmers around the famous Wild Carpathia area into an organised system where we produce high quality essential oils, hydrosols, cold pressed oils and fruit & herb powders.

We are continuously expanding towards new markets and we offer our products and services in very flexible forms: 

What you gain by working with us?


We are working with hand-pickers and small farmers and we are making sure everyone of them is rewarded for their efforts. We are creating social sustainability and we are putting the effort into maintaining it.

Quality Control

We strictly control every little step in the production process. From choosing the very day, hour and minute of the picking and harvesting time, to monitoring the process, transporting raw materials to our facility, properly storing raw materials, drying temperature and duration, distillation temperature, duration and pressure, cold pressing speed, packing and storing the final products in carefully monitored conditions.

Made with Love

Our job is our passion. We love what we do and we are making sure every little step in the process of creating our products is accomplished with good care. You can thus fully enjoy our products and our services.

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