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Argan and Surf

The recipe for happiness lies around the sunny beaches between Agadir and Essaouira. Surfing in the morning tide pumps up my dopamine and serotonin levels, I get fed with vitamin D and the fresh, locally produced Argan oil delays my skin's photo-aging!

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Sea Buckthorn, the Emerging Gem

One specific and unusual fact about Sea Buckthorn is that this plant produces two types of fixed (fatty) oils at the same time. Both can be extracted by cold pressing, one from pressing its dry berries and the other by pressing its seeds. This can also be found in Avocado and just a few less known plants.

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Wild Carpathia Partners

At our distillery we source our raw materials from dedicated farmers and wild flora pickers. Discover this beautiful story of the organic cosmetics brand, Mayie!

Wild Carpathia Partners

Discover the beautiful story of our partners!

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We are famous for the unique quality of our organic certified Lavender Essential Oil.

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This is where we live and this is our source of raw materials. High mountains, clean air and green, healthy plants!

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Our collaboration with Wild Carpathia Organics is one of our most pleasant entrepreneurial experiences: I've met seriousness, determination, enthusiasm and the respect for the promises made.

– Cristina, C&D Market Innovations

I found Wild Carpathia Organics to be a trustful partner and we developed a business relationship based on openness, seriousness and professionalism.

– Ionut, Terrasentia