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Natural Cosmetics Private Label

We make natural cosmetics for you, label them with your brand and get them  shipped to your business address. You get more time to focus on sales and to grow your business, knowing that your favorite products are made with high quality european standards, for a good price and according to your specs. This, in a nutshell, is what natural cosmetics private label is all about!

Essential Oil Blend - Natural Cosmetics Private Label

Are private label natural cosmetics suitable for my business?

If you are reading this, then the answer is probably yes.

We work with many business owners, small, medium and large. Private label natural cosmetics helped them to add more value to the product offerings for their customers, and in some cases, it helped them launch their business for the first time too. In other cases, natural cosmetics were used as a secondary product that enables better sales of the main product offerings of your business.

By using private label services, you don't have to spend time with manufacturing, with logistics, maintaining a lab or juggling with different MOQs for each of the ingredients you need for your product formulations. 

Start small, then adapt and grow with Wild Carpathia Organics' private label packages

When you start a new line of products, you most probably want to minimise the risk of the initial investment and to have the possibility to test the waters with the new product before investing more.

That is when our Mini Essentials and Mini Essential Blend packages come in handy. These packages are designed to have a low MOQ and simpler configurations that have small time to market, in order to start getting feedback from your customers as soon as possible. This, in turn, allows you to fine tune your selling and marketing strategies and to understand the potential of your new product.

With the Mini packages, the focus is not on immediate profitability, since quantities are not big enough to allow for perfect cost optimisation. However, they are a good starting option, that will enable you later to grow into a larger private label package that is focused on profitability, once you managed to experiment with a suitable audience of customers that you feel you can scale up comfortably.



How does the private label process with Wild Carpathia Organics work?

The simplest and fastest way to get your natural cosmetics private label product into your hands with minimal hustle from your side, and at a good price too, is to choose one of the ready made private label packages that we offer on this website.

These packages enable just the right amount of customisation that will result in a unique product that we will still be able to ship fast (usually in less than 2 weeks). Yes, "unique" does not always mean "slow"..

You will:

Wild Carpathia Organics has one of the most streamlined private label customer experiences in the market!

Of course, we are ready to provide more sophisticated options, as soon as your needs evolve into more complex products and customisations. We can also provide simpler options if you plan to develop some parts of the product by yourself (such as sourcing a custom bottle by yourself, or do product labelling on your own, for example). 

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