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Sunflower Cold Pressed Oil, Conventional


Plant Info

Plant Name (Latin) Helianthus annuus
Plant Name (English) Sunflower
Family Asteraceae
Wikipedia Info
Helianthus annuus
Origin Romania

Product Info

Extraction Method Cold pressing of sunflower seeds
CAS Number 8001-21-6
Helianthus annuus seed oil
Main Components
Linoleic acid (omega-6), oleic acid (omega-9)
Shelf Life Up to 2 years
Anti-inflammatory, acne reductive, skin-lightening, moisture retentive
Indications Due to its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, it is virtually used as a base ingredients in most skincare products
Skincare products, food industry


Technical Documents

  • MSDS
  • COA (batch dependent)