Wild Carpathia Organics

Tego Care LTP MB Emulsifier, COSMOS


Product Info

Product type
Mild, EO- and preservative-free cold process O/W emulsifier based on vegetable raw materials
Sorbitan Laurate; Polyglyceryl-4 Laurate; Dilauryl Citrate
Animal derived materials Not present
GMO Status
Shelf Life
Up to 2 years
COSMOS Approved emulsifier for COSMOS ORGANIC and COSMOS NATURAL certified cosmetic products
Emulsifier derived from natural sources, perfect for cold process emulsions where heat sensitive ingredients are used or where speed of emulsification is required.
It can create stable milks, lotions and creams.
Liquid emulsifier, easy- to-use for cold processing of lotions and sprays and for hot processing of creams
• No co-emulsifiers needed
• Able to stabilize O/W lotions prepared in a cold process without a real homogenization step
• Usage concentration of 1.5% - 2.5%


Technical Documents

  • PDR (Product Data Record)
  • COA (batch dependent)
  • Allergen Declaration